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Chancellor's Signature Requests

If you require the Chancellor’s signature on a document or letter, please follow these steps.

Preparing Chancellor's Signature Items

  1. Using paperclips, attach: 
    1. Chancellor’s Clearance Sheet (PDF) to the front of a manila folder.
    2. Supporting documents or background materials inside the folder on the left side.
    3. Item(s) to be signed inside the folder on the right side. Mark the area to be signed with a "sign here" sticker.
  2. Ensure that the appropriate Departments and Vice Chancellors have seen and approved the item(s) prior to forwarding the folder to our office. (Approval is indicated either by those persons signing the Clearance Sheet or by including the notation "electronic approval" on the Clearance Sheet. If an item is approved electronically, please include a copy of the email approving the item behind the Clearance Sheet outside the file folder.)
  3. Mark areas to be signed with “sign here” stickers.
  4. Do not include more than eight (8) similar items to be signed in a single folder.

If you have questions about preparing Chancellor's Signature Items, please contact Edgar Alminar, (858) 822-0009 or Shannon Munemura, (858) 534-3477.

Urgent Items

Urgent items should be labeled “URGENT,” either in red ink or with a red paper tag. Please include a date by which the item is due.

Signed Documents

  • Policy & Records Administration notifies the initiating department by telephone once an item has been signed. Items may be either picked up from the Chancellor's Complex, Building 108 upstairs or, if indicated on the clearance sheet, sent via intercampus mail to the initiating department.
  • Policy & Records Administration does not send signature items on behalf of departments to anyone other than the initiating department.
  • If any correspondence signed by the Chancellor is NOT MAILED (or the correspondence is changed for some reason), please notify Policy & Records Administration immediately, so we can maintain a complete record.


There are three types of Chancellor letterhead: external, internal, and monarch (A5 with a gold and blue seal at center).

Internal and external letterhead is available from Policy & Records Administration. Requests for monarch letterhead should be routed to Kim Newin in the Chancellor’s Office.

If your project requires more than 50 sheets of internal or external letterhead, please contact Stasi Chase. Depending on the quantity needed, you may need to supply an index number, so that a special order may be placed.

Sample Documents

Chancellor’s Clearance Sheet (PDF)

Off-Campus Letter to External Entities (PDF)

Memorandum Addressed to Office of the President (PDF)

Intercampus Correspondence (PDF)