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What RMP Does

Under the direction of Vice Chancellor Gary C. Matthews, Resource Management & Planning (RMP) supports UC San Diego’s mission by providing a variety of operational and support services for the campus community. As one of the world’s top 15 universities, UC San Diego’s research-intensive, 24/7 operation and daily population of 65,000 students, faculty, staff and visitors make our campus larger than many small cities, requiring a similar level of infrastructure and services.

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What to Expect at UC San Diego Spring 2022

Learn about current construction projects and micromobility initiatives so you can safely navigate and enjoy our growing campus.

Student Community Service Officers Promote Campus Safety

Student Community Service Officers have supported safety on our campus for more than 40 years and the Police Department is always looking for students who are willing to serve. Dianna Lopez shares what it’s like to work as a CSO.

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Dianna Lopez

Activating Outdoor Spaces

UC San Diego is committed to providing a sustainable, attractive and functional campus landscapes. We focus on building better ways for groups to collaborate by creating healthy, inclusive spaces for living, learning, working and playing outdoors.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

“We believe that true excellence is achieved through productive relationships among people of diverse perspectives, as defined by UC San Diego’s Principles of Community.“ Learn more about UC San Diego Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Resource Management & Planning is committed to providing accessibility for all in accordance with UC San Diego’s Commitment to a Workplace Free of Discrimination and Harassment. If you have trouble accessing website content, complete our contact form for assistance.

Land Acknowledgement

The UC San Diego community holds great respect for the land and the original people of the area where our campus is located. The university is built on the un-ceded territory of the Kumeyaay Nation. Today, the Kumeyaay people continue to maintain their political sovereignty and cultural traditions as vital members of the San Diego community. We acknowledge their tremendous contributions to our region and thank them for their stewardship.