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Chancellor's Space Information Review

The University of California San Diego reaches out to campus partners every fall and spring to collect and maintain accurate information for efficient space utilization across campus.

The deadline to update your information for the Fall Space Review is November 10, 2022. Space managers should accurately enter and maintain the following information noted in the required Space Review information (PDF).

PDF Tririga Guides


  1. Floor Plans: Walls, windows and doors need to be accurate, along with cubicle and furniture placement in office areas (academic, administrative and research). CAD files are preferred, but other measurements or floor plan corrections are accepted. FSIM staff can assist you with corrections at
  2. Space IDs: Sometimes spaces are not visibly marked, including open office spaces with multiple work stations. Consult for assistance or if you have questions about the proper space identifiers.
  3. Space Classifications: All spaces must be given an accurate space classification.
  4. Department Allocation: All Assignable Square Footage (ASF) must be given a space allocation to the appropriate department.
  5. Work Location: Assign a Primary Location or Check-in Location for all non-remote, active employees working at least one day per week (or equivalent 20%) on campus. Exclude casual/restricted (non-academic student employees). Academic student employees are included.
    • Primary Location: All people in Tririga are allowed only one Primary Location, usually an office workpoint assigned by the person's primary or “home” department (but can be a non-office or non-workpoint space if no office is assigned). The Primary Location people count against occupancy calculations when it is a workpoint. DO NOT use Primary Location to indicate a PI/Cluster presence.
    • Secondary Location: All people in Tririga may have any number of Secondary Locations. They are used for subsequent designated locations after the Primary Work Location is identified. These additional seat assignments are usually based on a situational use such as a secondary appointment or project. The Secondary Location people count against occupancy calculations when it is a workpoint. DO NOT use Secondary Location to indicate PI/Cluster presence.
    • Occupancy: Capacity and Total Shared Capacity must be more then 1 for workpoints (offices) and are used to calculate occupancy and vacancy when the space is a workpoint.
    • Check-In Location: For people who do not perform a significant concentration of work in a designated building space due to work performed in the field or constantly changing on-demand work at a variety of locations. The check-in location is where a supervisor or other contact could enable someone to get in touch with the person or where staff report but not where they perform most of their work. Check-in location people are excluded from occupancy calculations.
    • A space may have staff in the Primary, Secondary and Check-in locations at the same time.
    • Criteria for employees to be entered into Tririga:
      • Job Indicator = primary
      • HR Status = active
      • Exclude all casual/restricted
      • Space Assignment Required (by Functional Role):
        • Staff: Career
        • Academic: Non-Faculty
        • Academic: Faculty
      • Space Assignment NOT required (by Functional Role):
        • Casual Restricted
        • Affiliate
        • Employees working 100% remotely
    • Department Contacts: Assign people to the following roles. The number of roles may change depending on the department size.
      • Business Unit Manager: Only one Business Unit Manager is allowed per department
      • Space Manager: A minimum of one is required, multiple space managers are allowed per department.
      • Other roles: The roles assigned to departments can be customized (both rules and types of role). If you have an idea, communicate it to your VC space representative and have them contact us.

Future employee work location process improvement: To streamline the collection of employee work locations, a group of campus and health leaders are working on a new employee process and solution powered by Tririga that will change how we collect this information in the future. This process will support HR compliance processes and space planning requirements. The target release is spring 2023.


Please also provide Cluster Allocation. Review and correct your department Clusters and their allocations as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of space classification in managed spaces?

The space manager is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of room classification data. If building signage discrepancies exist, report them to

What is the scope of the space review and who should review each space?

The Chancellor’s Space Review applies to the entire campus, including departments and programs within each Dean's purview.

How do I report performance issues with the Tririga application?

Check current system status at and report all Tririga issues to

Where can I find Tririga training resources?

We recommend reviewing the Tririga Training and Resources eLearning videos. You can also join our Community of Practice that meets the third Tuesday of every month.

Is there a way to merge the data between Tririga and data from the Work Location Status Form to reduce redundant data entry?

Not currently, however, HR and VC-RMP teams are working on streamlining the workflow to create one campuswide location survey.

Does ID=Employee ID?

Tririga hosts four different employee IDs (Tririga UID, UC Path ID, "Old" PPS ID and Student PID (for those employees with a student ID).

Is there a way to display room number, ASF, space type and occupant simultaneously?

Yes, by using a combination of text labels and report highlights on the floor plan viewer, you can display these items simultaneously. Contact Kirk Belles for details.

Can I run a space management error report to see which departments have not completed their space reviews?

Tririga does not provide progress reports. However, the FSIM team is developing a progress report that will show space changes by VC area and will share it with space managers by the end of October 2022.

How can I run a "less than 100% capacity" usage report?

Occupancy/Vacancy reports already exist in Tririga.

Can I view all lab capabilities, such as fume hood, BSL level, etc., in Tririga?

No, room amenities information is currently hosted in a different tool. We are collaborating with EVC staff to better understand instructional space and to develop a roadmap for this functionality.