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Strategic Energy Initiatives

We're Electrifying Transportation!

What We Do

UC San Diego has the largest and most diverse energy technology portfolio of any university worldwide. Strategic Energy Initiatives actively engages the private sector to develop significant cost-sharing agreements to support demonstration and research opportunities that represent quantum innovations in clean energy technologies. Our projects include:

  • Electric vehicle leasing and infrastructure development
  • Energy Storage
  • Big Data: San Diego Supercomputer Center
  • Technology Transfer Engagement
    • Smart City San Diego
    • CleanTech San Diego
    • UC San Diego Advanced Energy Initiative
    • Faculty Recruitment Committee
    • Solutions Working Group


"In my entire career and global travels, I have never witnessed such a combination of visionary leadership, opportunity and legacy infrastructure to build a global model of a sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure as we have here at UC San Diego." –Byron Washom

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Byron Washom