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Employee Work Location

Complete the Work Location Form

Information on this page supports space managers’ use of the Work Location form. Instructions for individuals, supervisors and HR contacts are available on the Human Resources’ Work Location Form page.

Roles: All UC San Diego Academic and Staff, Including Health

Employees: Access the form and update your information at Enterprise Employee Work Location and Space Management Tool. Complete the form by April 21, 2023 and every time that your work arrangement or work location changes.

Supervisors: Review and validate employee location entries in the “Direct Reports” tab.

HR Contacts (campus): Review and validate employee location entries in the “Employees” tab.

Space Managers: Review changes from the department spaces that you support in the “Review” tab.

If you have questions about the Space Management workflow, email or join the office hours. For HR information go Employee Frequently Asked Questions

Space Management Analysis

This ongoing process supports the collection of employee work arrangements and location information to manage space efficiently. It streamlines collection of employee location information for new employees, gives employees a way to maintain this information using a new form that includes floor plans and allows supervisors, space mangers and Human Resources contacts to review and validate this data.


UC San Diego has more than 40,000 employees across campus and the health system and is required to collect employee information to meet these compliance and space management requirements:

  1. AB-119: Under California Assembly Bill 119, the university has a legal obligation to provide unions with the work location information for employees in their respective unions. Also, UCOP expanded the request for work location to non-represented employees.
  2. Space Management: Use employee location information to make space management decisions at the department, vice chancellor,and chancellor levels.

Space Manager Review of Employee Work Locations

Access the Space Manager Work Location Form by logging into Single Sign-On with your Active Directory information. As a space manager, you will see at least three tabs (four if you are also a supervisor. Work Location tab

  1. Work Location tab (for all individuals) – Your name, job title, department, phone number and email address will be pre-populated. Add/Update YOUR Work Arrangement and& Work Location here.
  2. Direct Reports tab (for supervisors only)
  3. Employees tab (for HR contacts and space managers only) – You can filter your employee change list using these three options:

    Employee tab

    1. Search by Last Name, Department, Email, Employee ID or Building. Select a category from the drop-down menu and enter your search word(s).
    2. Limit your choices by checking one or both of these options:
      1. Only employees working in groups I support – Only available to supervisors/managers
      2. Only employees with incomplete data
    3. Order by Last Name, Department, Employee ID or Employees with incomplete data first.
  4. Review tab (for space managers only) – You will see a list of records from the department space(s) that you manage. A record will appear if a change has been made to the employee work arrangement or work location information by someone else (e.g., employee, supervisor, space manager, HR contact).
    1. Search for, or click on, the record that you want to review. Each record will have an option for you to see Changes Waiting for Approval.
    2. Once the record is approved or rejected, it will no longer appear on your list of approvals.
      1. If there is more than one change for a given employee, you must select Approve or Reject for each one and then click Commit Changes.
      2. If a change is rejected, the information for that record will revert to the value(s) last approved.
      3. You have 15 days to review the records in your Space Manager tab; otherwise, they will default to “Approved” and be removed from your list.

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Employee Location Types

Space Managers assign a Primary Location or Check-in Location for all non-remote, active employees working at least one day per week (or equivalent 20%) on campus. Exclude casual/restricted (non-academic student employees). Academic student employees are included.
  • Primary Location: All people in Tririga are allowed only one Primary Location, usually an office workpoint assigned by the person's primary or “home” department (but can be a non-office or non-workpoint space if no office is assigned). The Primary Location people count against occupancy calculations when it is a workpoint. DO NOT use Primary Location to indicate a PI/Cluster presence.
  • Secondary Location: All people in Tririga may have any number of Secondary Locations. They are used for subsequent designated locations after the Primary Work Location is identified. These additional seat assignments are usually based on a situational use such as a secondary appointment or project. The Secondary Location people count against occupancy calculations when it is a workpoint. DO NOT use Secondary Location to indicate PI/Cluster presence.
  • Occupancy: Capacity and Total Shared Capacity must be more then 1 for workpoints (offices) and are used to calculate occupancy and vacancy when the space is a workpoint.
  • Check-In Location: For people who do not perform a significant concentration of work in a designated building space due to work performed in the field or constantly changing on-demand work at a variety of locations. The check-in location is where a supervisor or other contact could enable someone to get in touch with the person or where staff report but not where they perform most of their work. Check-in location people are excluded from occupancy calculations.
  • A space may have staff in the Primary, Secondary and Check-in locations at the same time.
  • Criteria for employees to be entered into Tririga: ALL employees, volunteers and affiliates in UC Path must enter their work arrangements. Also add work location if working on campus (excluding 100% remote).
    • Space Assignment Required (by Functional Role):
      • Staff: Career
      • Academic: Non-Faculty
      • Academic: Faculty
    • Space Assignment NOT required (by Functional Role):
      • Casual Restricted
      • Affiliate
      • Employees working 100% remotely

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