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Capital Planning plays a key role in the development of capital projects for UC San Diego, including facility construction and renovation, and utility infrastructure. This administrative unit coordinates and facilitates the capital process on the campus; serves as the main conduit for communications with the Office of the President for initial Regental and Presidential project approval; and is responsible for space program development and justification, along with funding analysis.

Staff Contacts

Name & Title Phone Email
Cristiana Winter
Assistant Director
(858) 534-5699 cwinter@ucsd.edu
Kirk Belles
Pr. Administrative Analyst
(858) 534-1035 kbelles@ucsd.edu
Adrienne Gallo
Pr. Educational Facility Planner
(858) 534-7499 argallo@ucsd.edu
Lisa Goodman
Educational Facility Planner
(858) 534-0503 ldgoodman@ucsd.edu
Jennifer Mora
Educational Facility Planner
(858) 534-3507 jjmora@ucsd.edu