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Strategic Energy Initiatives creates funded demonstration and research opportunities that represent quantum innovations in clean energy technologies. Strategic Energy Initiatives actively engages the private sector to establish significant cost sharing agreements to support campus projects.

Recently awarded funding will allow the campus to accept bids for electric energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations to give UC San Diego the largest and most diverse energy technology portfolio of any university worldwide. Learn more about projects in the following areas.

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Byron Washom

Byron Washom
Director, Strategic Energy Initiatives

Raised on the Island of Midway Atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Byron Washom has always had an interest in adventure. Much of his success stems from his prior position as manager of technology and policy at a Fairchild Industries’ advanced projects department, where he and his team set eight world records in solar power. Now, he focuses his efforts on bringing quantum innovations to UC San Diego’s “living laboratory.”

"In my entire career and global travels, I have never witnessed such a combination of visionary leadership, opportunity and legacy infrastructure to build a global model of a sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure as we have here at UC San Diego." –Byron Washom

Q&A with Byron