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Resource Management & Planning (RMP)
February 12, 2018
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aerial view of Light Rail Transit project
Aerial view of Light Rail Transit project. Photos by Rhett S. Miller/UC San Diego

The UC San Diego campus is changing rapidly. Over the last five years, we’ve completed $2 billion in campus construction and over the next five to seven years anticipate another $3 billion in construction. In this special edition of Focus: RMP, we’ll examine how the campus transportation program is responding with new and enhanced transportation options to help you navigate our growing campus.

regional collaboration

Aerial view of LRT Gilman BridgeUC San Diego is supporting the development of several state and local transportation projects. The existing I-5/Genesee Avenue six-lane overpass will be replaced with a ten-lane interchange. The realigned Gilman Drive and Gilman Bridge will conveniently connect East and West campuses. The Blue Line Trolley Extension/Light Rail Transit project extends the existing rail system to campus and Westfield UTC, and a Class I bike path will connect rail stations with the campus bike path. The Voigt Bridge upgrade and Campus Point Drive realignment project will expand campus roads to accommodate increased traffic. Learn more about these regional collaborations.

expanding parking capacity

Among the many construction projects recently completed or underway, are significant additions to the campus parking system. While we’ve added some temporary parking facilities, the majority of our parking investments are in permanent capacity that will serve the university for decades to come.

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parking construction timeline

focusing on predictability

Gilman kioskAs we continue to enhance parking capacity, the transportation program is repositioning itself to focus on delivering increased predictability. We’re adding real-time information — to show how full shuttles are — on our current shuttle app and website, which already tell riders when their bus will be arriving.

We’ve also piloted our first interactive transit kiosk with schedule and arrival information at the Gilman Transit Center. Passengers can also charge their mobile devices at the kiosk while they wait.

using resources more effectively
valet parkingWe’ve introduced a number of new parking management practices in response to customer needs. We’ve added time-limited spaces in lots P602 (School of Medicine), P103 (Revelle College) and P206 (Faculty Club), allowing some of our most in-demand spaces to support customers who come and go from campus throughout the day, rather than provide all-day vehicle storage for fewer people. We’ve added temporary valet parking options at lots P610 (Biomedical Library) and P416 (Mandeville Lane) to accommodate more vehicles in some of our most congested areas of campus. We’re also continuously rebalancing parking among A, B, S and V designations so that parking inventory is better scaled to parking demand within each designation.

ways to commute

Lyft Flex CommuteWe recently expanded our Lyft Flex Commute pilot program to the entire campus community. Now students, faculty and staff can receive approximately $80 in complementary rides and occasional use parking when they pre-purchase Lyft credits. Those credits can stretch even further by sharing the ride using Lyft Line. This new option is particularly useful for residents of La Jolla, UTC and University City, where rides are short and fares are low.

The best commute is sometimes the one not taken. UC San Diego offers a variety of flexible work arrangements, including telework, and has resources available to help managers and employees explore and implement telework programs. Learn more and consider Telework Wednesdays as an opportunity to leave your car in the garage on what is typically the most congested day on campus.

improving campus mobility

Spin bikeWhile expanded short-term parking provides some relief for those who must use personal vehicles for mid-day mobility, our vision is a vibrant campus where walking, bicycling and campus shuttles make it easy for the campus community to leave cars parked throughout the day, whether in campus commuter parking or at home.

Over the last several years, we’ve added a host of on-street bicycle facilities and traffic calming measures to ensure that all users of campus roadways have designated safe spaces to travel. In addition to prioritizing preservation of bicycle and pedestrian routes during campus construction, we’re leveraging construction to help build out the bicycle and pedestrian network.

ProRideInfrastructure is only part of the solution. With 13,399 trips taken in the first month of operations, our Spin bikesharing program is making it easier to choose cycling for mid-day mobility and improving safety by increasing the number and visibility of bicyclists on campus. Similarly, our recently expanded ProRide service helps faculty move about the campus with free, on-demand rides, while our Triton Mobility cart service provides rides when temporary or permanent disabilities limit mobility. Our Shuttles program recently restructured routes to improve frequency and reliability, while adding or restoring connections to the Gliderport, Mandeville Center and the Price Center. Finally, our new enterprise agreement with Lyft provides multiple ways to save on both personal and business travel, including travel within the campus.


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