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Summer 2018 News
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NTPLLN groundbreaking
Left to right: Eric Smith, Nicole Cheng, Cheryl Fedorchak, Jesus Ledezma, Cindy Krask, Matt Smith, Kathy Whelan, Roland Bartsch, Walt Kanzler, John Van Whevin, Joel King

UC San Diego broke ground on the North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood June 18. This new home for Sixth College is scheduled for completion fall 2020. Fast facts:

  • Project map
  • Parking and transportation impacts
  • Clark Construction and HKS Architects received the Outstanding Campus Vendor 2018 Sustainability Award.
  • NTPLLN will provide:
    • Undergraduates approximately 2,000 new beds, residential facilities and support space
    • The Divisions of Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities new instruction and research space
    • General assignment classrooms
    • Dining and retail spaces
    • Thoughtfully designed open space with pedestrian and bike-friendly pathways
    • A 1,200-space underground parking structure
Osler Parking Structure

Osler Parking Structure Opens Soon
Located at the corner of Gilman Drive and Osler Lane, the Osler Parking Structure will provide 1,345 parking spaces when it opens this fall. The structure replaces P604, a 250-space parking lot, and includes a new visitor center, 268 kW solar panel system and a parking guidance system that monitors real-time space availability.

Powering Up

sote o,[rpve,emtsRevelle Substation Upgrade
To improve our electrical grid capacity and reliability, the campus installed a third redundant circuit from the Revelle Substation to the East Campus Substation, UC San Diego’s only connection with SDG&E. The Revelle Substation connects to the Central Utilities Plant, which generates most of the campus’ electricity. This $30 M project that included a new building and upgraded electrical gear was completed last September.

New Satellite Utility Plant
The campus installed two 2 MW emergency diesel generators at the School of Medicine. In case of a power outage or grid instability, these emergency generators can provide power to SOM buildings. The SUP is designed to house two additional generators in the future as needed. This $14 M project was completed last December.

East Campus Substation
Transformer Upgrade

UC San Diego generates 80% of its own electricity and imports 20% from SDG&E. As the campus’ single point of connection with SDG&E, the East Campus Substation houses three high-voltage transformers (69kV/12kV) and complex controls equipment. To support campus growth and increasing energy demand, these transformers and associated controls were upgraded to increase our import capacity. This $11 M project will be completed this month.

West Campus
Chilled Water Improvement

The Central Utilities Plant distributes chilled water to campus buildings for cooling. Two older electric chillers were replaced with new high-efficiency chillers to double cooling capacity and support new buildings for the next 5-10 years. This $14 M project will be completed this month.

New Seawater Filtration System at Scripps Pier
SIO pier projectIn late 2016, Facilities Management and Scripps Institution of Oceanography operations and maintenance staff began a project to improve filtration of raw seawater pumped from the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier. This $3M deferred maintenance project was based on recommendations from the 2010 Nasland study that was commissioned before construction of the new NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

The pier seawater system pumps 750,000-1,200,000 gallons per day to the SIO campus and Birch Aquarium. It also provides 10,000-15,000 gallons per month of filtered seawater for free private aquarium use. Each year, approximately 3,000 labor hours were devoted to manually cleaning the original screen filtration system. Without cleaning, water flow can stop within an hour, causing storage tanks to run dry and resulting in severe damage to system pumps and pipes. Consequently, maintaining SIO’s stable seawater supply is among the most important tasks for Facilities Management operations staff.

Operational limitations coupled with intricate system modifications required operations staff to perform the deferred maintenance project themselves in order to keep the seawater system running throughout the process. Filter installation required other pier modifications including, installing an electrical circuit, modifying the seawater piping system and constructing a catwalk over the edge of the pier to facilitate access to the new system components. This involved replacing 30 feet of existing wooden pier rails and stanchions with custom-made stainless steel brackets, bar and aircraft cable to build a new 30” wide catwalk.

Twenty highly skilled Facilities Management maintenance staff from various areas worked on this project for 1½ years to create this custom seawater filtration solution to meet SIO’s unique needs. Careful planning allowed the team to complete the installation last May without disrupting seawater services. The new fully automatic, continuously operating, self-cleaning system pumps 1,200 gallons per minute and filters everything from sand, grass, kelp, fish, coruscations and octopi to microbiological organisms found in the raw seawater. The system has improved water quality and will reduce future labor-related maintenance costs significantly.

infant roomExpanding Infant Care Capacity
The 2015 Family Accommodations Report for Faculty recommended that the campus expand infant care facilities to support competitive faculty recruitment and retention. In response to the recommendation, the Early Childhood Education Center worked with Facilities Management to create a new infant room that opened in March. It includes soft lighting, natural wood furnishings, a walk-in kitchen with ample breast milk storage and a multi-textural outdoor area. In 2016, the Mesa Child Development Center added eight infant spaces and the ECEC space now accommodates eight more infants, expanding overall infant capacity from 36 to 50. See all the Early Care & Education programs

Facilities Information Management Project
To better plan, manage and analyze campus facilities, UC San Diego has purchased a license for cloud-based IBM/Tririga software. A team of representatives from Resource Management & Planning, Campus Planning and Information Technology Services is leading the Facilities Information Management project, one of several campus Enterprise System Renewal program initiatives. The initial release will focus on Real Estate and Space Management tools, with anticipated further development opportunities.

parking simulation
Parking on Campus Just Got Smarter
The Visionful student-led team installed their intelligent camera-based system in parking lot P406. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Visionful provides users real-time parking availability. The smart system provides predictive analytics, such as overflow and traffic conditions, while automating parking enforcement and payment processes. Visionful brings intelligence to campus parking facilities. View the live pilot parking dashboard and share your thoughts with us by emailing
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Enhanced Wayfinding for
People with Visual Disabilities

UC San Diego partnered with Aira — a company that provides instant access to visual information — to enhance the college experience for people with visual disabilities. The Aira app allows visually impaired faculty, students, staff, patients and visitors to navigate the La Jolla, SIO and Hillcrest campuses more easily.  How to Use Aira

Get Ready for
2018 Process Palooza

Mark your calendar. Process Palooza returns November 14. Process Palooza is a unique event that combines education and competition, focused on continuous improvement. It showcases how UC San Diego gains efficiencies through Lean Six Sigma. Learn more


staff welcoming I Love a Clean San Diego DirectorCampus Gets 150 New Recycling Bins from Keep America Beautiful Grant
UC San Diego is one of 48 organizations nationwide to receive a Keep America Beautiful recycling grant Since 1953, Keep America Beautiful has worked to end littering, improve recycling and beautify America’s communities. Vice Chancellor for Resource Management & Planning, Gary Matthews, and Chief Procurement Officer, Ted Johnson, along with a few Facilities Management and Sustainability staff welcomed I Love A Clean San Diego Executive Director, Pauline Martinson, to campus on April 13. Custodial staff distributed the new bins throughout campus buildings. Learn more about our goal of Zero Waste - #MyLastTrash.


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