Completed  Projects

MESOM building

Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute

Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute

When laboratory and clinical researchers work side-by-side and share resources, the speed of which cures are discovered accelerates greatly. That’s precisely what the new Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute provides for researchers who are collaborating to better understand and treat disease.

The new seven-story, 359,000-square-foot building is architecturally stunning and offers a forward-thinking mix of offices, laboratories and clinical space designed in a modular fashion to ensure long-term adaptability.

Opened in March 2016, the new building is located on the UC San Diego Health – La Jolla campus alongside Jacobs Medical Center, Moores Cancer Center, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center and Shiley Eye Institute.

Named for Steve and Lisa Altman, long-time San Diego residents and philanthropists who donated $10 million for the building, the institute oversees more than 160 clinical trials each year conducted by more than 1,000 faculty and institutional partners.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Randy Leopold
  • Architect: Zimmer Gunsul Frasca
  • Completed: March 4, 2017
  • Project Location: La Jolla Campus
  • Cost: $241,551,000

Athena Parking Structure

Athena Parking Structure

The 1,279-space Athena Parking Structure serves patients, visitors and employees of UC San Diego Health System facilities. With the expansion of these facilities, the seven-level structure helps meet a growing parking demand. The structure, which was built on an existing lot, also has electric vehicle stalls.

More than a parking structure, nestled in the middle of the garage are two 1.2-million gallon thermal energy storage tanks — essentially cooling-system batteries — to support nearby medical facilities. A highlight of the visually pleasing design is perforated metal fins flanking the structure, which conceal the view of parked vehicles to those outside. 

The Athena Parking Structure was envisioned in the 2001 East Campus Neighborhood Planning Study, which provided a framework for the area’s development.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Barbara Anderson
  • Architect: Studio E Architects and McCarthy Building
  • Completed: June 2016
  • Project Location: East Campus, near the Shiley Eye Institute
  • Cost: $32.5 million

Central Resource Services Facility

Central Resource Service Facility

This new 27,500-square-foot facility is located in the School of Medicine neighborhood and features two floors of office and administrative space for Health Sciences departments, which directly support research efforts.

The building also made it possible for Resource Management and Planning to consolidate their operations, thereby improving efficiency. 

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Mark Rowland
  • Architect: HDR
  • Completed: 2014
  • Project Location: School of Medicine Campus
  • Cost $32.48 million

Galbraith Hall

Gallbraith Hall

Galbraith Hall’s award-winning transformation created a 420-seat lecture hall, two student study spaces, three instructional studios for the Department of Theatre and Dance, shared conference rooms and academic office space. The project repurposed 30,000 square feet at Galbraith Hall, UC San Diego’s original library, constructed in 1965.

Layers of 1980s remodel work were removed to expose the original mid-century waffle slab and structure. Installation of new skylights allows natural light to filter through the building — also improving the acoustics and reducing energy consumption. The project received a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Gold rating. The building’s infrastructure was also brought up to code.

In 2013, the renovation was recognized with an Orchid for Interior Design in the annual San Diego Orchids and Onions architectural competition. The jury applauded UC San Diego “for seeing what the students needed and then allowing a design that was progressive and highly functional.”

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Robin Tsuchida
  • Architect: Kevin deFreitas Architects
  • Completed: May 2013
  • Project Location: Revelle College
  • Cost: $7.3 million

Health Sciences Biomedical Research Facility

Health Sciences Biomedical Research Facility

The Health Sciences Biomedical Research Facility II building is home to many leading-edge programs, including bioinformatics, genomic medicine, pathology, immunology, psychiatry, neurosciences, glycobiology, infectious diseases and gastrointestinal medicine. This co-location allows scientists and researchers from diverse areas to collaborate, which ultimately leads to more life-saving cures and treatments.

The building was awarded a U.S. Green Building Council LEED Platinum rating, which is the highest rating possible. In particular, the building was certified for some of its more innovative features. For example, the outside lawn is irrigated entirely with water from the building’s cooling system and non-potable water collected from other interior building sites.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Mark Rowland
  • Architect: Zimmer Gunsel Frasca Architect, LLC
  • Completed: 2014
  • Project Location: School of Medicine Campus
  • Cost: $113 million

Hillcrest Clinical Lab Renovation

Hillcrest Clinical Lab Renovation

This renovation included an overhaul of nearly 9,000 square feet on the second floor of the UC San Diego Health – Hillcrest Inpatient Tower. This improved clinical lab space used by the Blood Bank and Rapid Response Lab.

This overhaul is part of the hospital’s bigger effort to support clinical enterprises by optimizing its space and operations.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Juli Smith
  • Architect: Ewing Cole
  • Completed: November 30, 2015
  • Project Location: Hillcrest Campus
  • Cost: $9.67 million

Jacobs Medical Center

Jacobs Medical Center

A new 10-story hospital tower is now the crown jewel at UC San Diego Health – La Jolla. Opened in November 2016, this 510,000-square-foot leading-edge medical center features 245 inpatient beds serving the areas of surgical services, cancer and cardiac care, clinical trials, emergency and urgent care, birthing options and more.

Named in recognition of a $75 million gift from the Joan and Irwin Jacobs family, the project also brings 65,000 square feet of renovation improvements to the Thornton Pavilion (formerly Thornton Hospital), an inpatient facility that’s part of the Jacobs Medical Center campus.

Lastly, a nearly 40,000-square-foot stand-alone utility plant is being built to support the hospital along with a helistop on the roof of the new hospital tower. While the hospital tower is now open, the other project components are slated for completion in fall 2017.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Michael Roush
  • Architect: Cannon Design
  • Completed: Tower completed fall 2016; Thornton renovations to be completed fall 2017
  • Project Location: East Campus in La Jolla
  • Cost: $942,790,000

Muir College Biology Labs Renovation

Muir College Biology Labs

Researchers at the Division of Biological Sciences are better able to collaborate thanks to a new innovative open floor plan, which is one element among many upgrades to the third floor of the Muir Biology building.

The floor plan redesign — also done with safety and efficiency in mind — is perhaps the most noticeable change in the 7,000-square-foot renovation. Additional infrastructure improvements included a new HVAC unit, fume hoods, plumbing, electrical and standby power, along with additional improvements for Americans with Disability Act (ADA) compliance.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Juli Smith
  • Architect: RBB Architects
  • Completed: August 2014
  • Project Location: Muir College
  • Cost: $5.97 million

North Campus Housing Phase 2

North Campus Housing

North Campus Housing Phase 2 — home to 806 upper-division undergraduate students — is within walking distance of dining, parking structures and world-class surf at Black’s Beach. The development spans roughly 3.5 acres of the North Campus neighborhood.

Each of the 146 five- and six-bedroom apartments have a living-dining-kitchen area and shared bathrooms. Common areas offer space for dining and laundry. Energy-efficient features include a solar water-heating system, design that maximizes natural light and the apartments’ plaster, paving, carpet and metal studs are made from recycled material.

By housing undergraduate and upper-division students, the project is in line with UC San Diego’s Long Range Development Plan goal of accommodating 50 percent of all students in campus-owned facilities.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Chuck Kaminski
  • Architect: Carrier-Johnson/Clark Construction (Design/Build)
  • Completed: May 2011
  • Project Location: North Campus neighborhood
  • Cost: $97.7 million

Rady School of Management Phase 2

Rady Scholl of Management

An 80,000-square-foot expansion of the Rady School of Management supports the next generation of students and those seeking continuing education. The Rady School of Management’s mission is to develop ethical and entrepreneurial leaders who make a positive impact in the world through innovation, collaboration and knowledge.

The project added classrooms, an open class laboratory, faculty and administrative offices, conference rooms, an auditorium and student work and study areas, accommodating students in the Masters of Business Administration and Doctor of Philosophy programs, as well as continuing education for the business community.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Michael Downs
  • Architect: HMC Architects
  • Completed: June 2012
  • Project Location: North Campus neighborhood
  • Cost: $39.59 million

UC San Diego Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center

Suppizio Family Cardiovascular Center

The first of its kind, UC San Diego Health’s Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center accommodates a growing demand for outpatient and inpatient cardiovascular services and prepares for more complex cases in Southern California’s booming senior population.

The new cardiovascular center is part of a 128,000-square-foot expansion of Thorton Pavilion (formerly Thorton Hosptial), which also expanded the emergency department. Another 6,000 square feet of space in the pavilion was renovated.

The cardiovascular center includes inpatient beds, cardiovascular operating rooms, cardiac catheterization labs, a non-invasive cardiovascular laboratory and outpatient clinics.  It’s the region’s first academic-based facility to combine all heart and vascular-related services, programs and technology under one roof.

The LEED Gold-certified facility received the 2012 Modern Healthcare Design Award and takes advantage of the sun’s position to reduce energy consumption. The interior and exterior blend together creating a natural feel influenced by the stunning geography of nearby coastal canyons.

Project Details

  • Project Manager: Randy Leopold
  • Architect: RTKL
  • Completed: April 2011
  • Project Location: Adjoining Jacobs Hospital and Thornton Pavilion
  • Cost: $138 million