• FD&C is restructuring

Changing Facilities Design & Construction

UC San Diego is undergoing a significant transformation due to growth in student enrollment, arrival of Light Rail Transit, a Long Range Development Plan update and a system-wide goal of carbon neutrality by 2025. To provide more efficient planning and implementation for future capital projects that support the campus’s strategic plan, Facilities Design & Construction is restructuring to more effectively meet our campus customers’ needs. This will allow us to ensure an enhanced student experience, cultivate an inclusive and diverse community, expand our research competency and impact and improve the delivery of advanced healthcare.

Facilities Design & Construction currently implements the capital improvement program, which includes project planning, schematic design and development, bidding and awarding of contracts. The department is being separated into two units: Design & Development Services and Capital Program Management.

Design & Development Services (DDS) will provide development and pre-design strategies in support of UC San Diego’s Capital Improvement Program. Its functional support units include Campus Architect, Strategic Visioning, Design Review, Building Permits and Inspection Services. Led by the Campus Architect, this comprehensive development services department will be responsible for

  • Managing strategic development and administration of UC San Diego’s +/- $2 billion capital improvement program
  • Strategic visioning of future capital projects
  • Serving as the Designated Campus Building Official and delegated authority for execution of consultant agreements, minor capital projects
  • Conducting architectural design review
  • Appointing Executive Architects and Engineers
  • Issuing required building permits and other authority approvals
  • Providing inspection services

Capital Program Management (CPM) will implement UC San Diego’s+/- $2 billion capital improvement program that will transform the campus’s physical landscape with integration of Light Rail Transit and expanded infrastructure, housing, academic and research buildings and mixed-use facilities to address future enrollment growth demands. Its functional units include project management, engineering services, contract administration, fiscal management and supporting administrative services. A new Associate Vice Chancellor is being recruited to lead this comprehensive project management organization that will be responsible for:

  • Overseeing all aspects of construction management and administration; project programming, planning and management; on-time and on-budget delivery of design and construction services which advance the mission, vision, and values of UC San Diego.
  • Completing all major capital projects on time, within budget to meet client expectations
  • Coordinating bidding and award of contracts
  • Managing construction and contract documentation
  • Utilizing a variety of project delivery methods to ensure implementation of comprehensive project schedules and budget management from preliminary planning through construction completion and occupancy

As part of this restructuring, Facilities Management will assume responsibility for all current and future projects under $750,000, including building renovations, renewals and repurposing.

These units will share a new, comprehensive website that will include information about campus planning, design and construction projects. The website is expected to launch late summer 2017.

Project Contacts

Project Initiation

Design & Development Services

Wm. Joel King, AIA, LEED AP
Assistant Vice Chancellor and Campus Architect
(858) 822-3719

Approved Projects

Capital Program Management

Campus (except North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood)

First Point of Contact
Assigned Project Manager (contact Suzanne Marcilla, (858) 534-2177 for details)

Second Point of Contact
Robin Tsuchida
Director, Project Management
(858) 534-1978

 Health System

First Point of Contact
Assigned Project Manager (contact Suzanne Marcilla, (858) 534-2177 for details)

Second Point of Contact
Randy Leopold
Director, Project Management
(858) 534-8901

North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood

First Point of Contact
Walt Kanzler, AIA, LEED AP
Program Manager
(858) 534-4094

Second Point of Contact
Randy Leopold
Director, Project Management
(858) 534-8901

Renovation Projects Under $750,000

  • Complete a Facilities Management online work request
  • Call Facilities Management Customer Relations Help Desk, (858) 534-2930