Grant-Funded Capital Improvement Projects

External entities that provide funding programs to improve facilities — including federal agencies and private institutions — typically require documentation pertaining to project scope, schedule, budget, and environmental impacts. This information must be validated by university architects and planners prior to submission.

In accordance with authorities delegated by the Regents to campus officers, official submission of any facility improvement grant proposal requires the signature of the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor of Resource Management & Planning.

If external funding entities require matching fund commitments, a department preparing a grant proposal should work with its Vice Chancellor.

Departments developing proposals to secure funds for facility improvements or new construction should follow these steps:

  • The principal investigator or department chair considering submittal of a facility improvement proposal should contact the Vice Chancellor (or his or her designee) in the initial proposal preparation process.
  • The Vice Chancellor (or his or her designee) must contact the Vice Chancellor of Resource Management & Planning, who will assign staff to coordinate the development of requisite facility data, including space or program plan, site analysis, environmental documentation, budget, and schedule.
  • If the proposal pertains to organized research space, proposal development must also involve the Vice Chancellor of Research.

If you have questions about this process, contact Cara Fladd, Director of Capital Planning, (858) 534-0503.