Campus Transformation

UC San Diego is an ever-evolving and always-improving campus and we have big transformational plans over the next five years to meet our campus’s growing needs. We are approaching a turning point in our history, a convergence of factors that provide an opportunity to re-envision and revitalize.

With the arrival of Light Rail Transit in 2021, continued student growth and the updating of UC San Diego’s Long Range Development Plan, we are strategically adding more student housing, classrooms, laboratories, clinical facilities, faculty and faculty offices and taking this opportunity to enhance the student and overall campus experience.

project map

1 North Torrey Pines Living & Learning Neighborhood

As the new home for Sixth College, this neighborhood is designed to promote interaction among students, faculty and staff. With mixed-use facilities that include more than 2,000 beds for undergraduates, two academic buildings for Social Sciences and Arts and Humanities, classrooms, offices, amenities and underground parking, this vibrant community will enhance the student experience. Details

2 Biological and Physical Sciences Building

This building adds much-needed research space and teaching laboratories to accommodate growing demand for courses and improve time-to-degree for several majors. Details

3 Osler and Voigt Parking Structures

In addition to these structures creating more than 2,000 parking spots on campus, the Voigt Structure will feature a green rooftop that will enhance connections between Warren Mall and west campus.

4 Engineering Building

This building will house new collaborative and agile centers that will unite brilliant minds across disciplines to engineer solutions to societal challenges.

5 Innovation and Design Center

This physical hub of innovation will foster creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship, and will provide a visible and accessible location to showcase the work of our campus members.

6 New Main Thoroughfare

7 Gateway Buildings

The Gateway Buildings will establish a more clearly defined, recognizable entrance into the center of campus, and will enliven our campus hub. The buildings will house student-centered resources, such as career and alumni services, and international center programs, as well as Extension and administration offices.

8 Gilman Bridge

This new bridge will unite existing campus roads on both sides of the I-5 freeway, reducing traffic on busy city streets and enabling people to travel across campus more quickly. Details

9 Light Rail Transit

The trolley will provide an effective campus commuting alternative, reduce roadway congestion, improve public transit services and better connect UC San Diego with our surrounding community, improving accessibility and visibility. Details

10 Outpatient Pavilion

Allowing for the growth of core outpatient services, this facility will integrate services in a more patient-friendly manner. Details

11 Pedestrian/Bike Bridge

12 Mesa Graduate and Professional Student Housing

By providing affordable housing, additional parking and amenities close to campus, this neighborhood will foster community and advance our goal to provide guaranteed housing. More than 3,600 beds will be added by 2020, with more housing planned in the future. Details

13 Marine Conservation Facility

This project will add classrooms and labs to unite members of the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation in a more collaborative working and teaching environment.