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UC San Diego Police Accountability Board

Police Accountability at UC San Diego

The UC San Diego community is in the process of developing an accountability body that reflects the needs and values of our diverse campus community. The establishment of this board is part of the University of California’s Community Safety Plan:

“Each campus, modeling the UC Davis Police Accountability Board’s procedures and policies as minimum standards, will establish an independent, civilian campus police accountability body and procedures to review investigation reports regarding complaints filed against UCPD.” UCOP Community Safety Plan, Section 4.1a

What is a Police Accountability Board?

Many jurisdictions have police accountability boards to provide independent oversight of police departments. These boards:

  • Review investigation of complaints against police department employees
  • Examine policies and procedures, evaluate departmental culture and provide recommendations to police departments and governments
  • Hold regular open meetings to solicit community feedback and share information about their findings and recommendations

Members are trained on the regulatory, legal and procedural requirements necessary to review complaints and make recommendations on police department policies, procedures and practices.

Some San Diego area communities that have formed PABs include:

Current Complaint Process

The Police Accountability Board Workgroup expects to convene in Winter 2023 and complete the preliminary work of supporting the transition of a full Police Accountability Board. The workgroup will learn about the process of community-engaged, independent police accountability and policing at UC San Diego, assess the needs and interests of the UC San Diego community at large and review the proposed bylaws policies and procedures that will govern the PAB's work to make recommendations to support the full development of the board. However, citizens can presently file complaints of police department employee misconduct with:

UC San Diego Police Department
Internal Affairs Division
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0017
La Jolla, CA 92093-0017

More information on the current process can be found on the UC San Diego Police Department webpage.

For questions and additional support in filing a complaint, contact PAB staff support,


Contact Marie-Pierre Murry, (858) 534-6821.