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Marine Sciences Physical Planning Committee


The Marine Sciences Physical Planning Committee advises the Campus/Community Planning Committee and Vice Chancellor - Marine Sciences on physical planning matters at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Mt. Soledad Laboratory, Elliott Field Station, and the Nimitz Marine Facility.

The committee will perform these specific functions:

  1. Continue detailed development and implementation of neighborhood plans for SIO, and forward recommendations to C/CPC for review in the context of the 2004 Long Range Development Plan and UCSD 1989 Master Plan Study. MSPPC recommendations should be forwarded to the Chancellor via C/CPC.
  2. With respect to the selection of sites for new buildings proposed for development on the SIO campus, MSPPC should receive input from the building advisory committee and advise C/CPC regarding site preferences and conformance with SIO neighborhood plans. Recommendations should be forwarded to C/CPC.
  3. Review proposed schematic designs for each new major building on the SIO campus, particularly for compatibility with surrounding buildings and conformance with SIO Neighborhood Plans and Master Plan, and forward comments, via C/CPC, to the Design Review Board, who will advise the Chancellor on design issues.
  4. With respect to conditions on the general SIO Campus, at Mt. Soledad Laboratory, Elliott Field Station, the Nimitz Marine Facility, and in the community surrounding SIO, MSPPC should monitor developments which may have the potential of significantly impacting SIO (including those that may be created by nearby housing, retail services, open spaces, pedestrian routes, vehicular patterns, and mass transit operations) and should directly advise Vice Chancellor - Marine Sciences or C/CPC, accordingly.

Minor items at SIO affecting the physical exterior of buildings, landscape, roads, pathways, etc., after appropriate review by Physical and Community Planning and Facilities Design & Construction staff, may be approved by Vice Chancellor - Marine Sciences or designee.



Contact Barbara Brown, Executive Assistant, (858) 534-6821.