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RMP Lean Six Sigma Champions

In 2017, RMP launched an initiative to improve customer service, communication and cost containment by applying the Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques. The following RMP employees have earned or are working toward the following LSS certifications. As a result, each participant will apply the LSS techniques and operating principles in a specific area to improve performance and reduce cost.

LSS champions will focus on three elements of the methodology:

  • Continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results
  • Business processes that can be measured, analyzed, improved and controlled
  • Sustained quality improvement

White Belt Champions

Early Care & Education

Yasmine Alsayegh

Mary Barber

Tamie Brandenstein

Melissa Catellier

Sara Ceja

Rocio Contreras-Sanz

Andrea Covarrubias

Melissa De La Rosa

Leah Dutra

Regina Fortune-Grady

Norma Gallegos

Alganesh Giorgis

Magdalena Golinska

Gabriella Gonzales

Sarah Goodyear-Charney

Natalie Graber

Angel Huerta

Jennifer Izumi

Eleonora Kotlyarova

Kaitlyn Krishna

Susana Leal

Elisha Lopez

Tracey Mantilla

Rana Metwalli

Nicholas Meyer-Abbott

Donna Mojarro

Bianca Moreno

Jenny Noh

Sara Osorio

Kathryn Owen

Megan Pangacian

Elizabeth Perez-Pallamary

Nicole Pierce

Karissa Pinkernell

Matthew Proctor

Desiree Pugeda

Billy Ray Mancillas

Lucia Santamaria

Rebecca Sayegh

Susan Schoolcraft

Esther Shin

Gloria Solorzano

Patsy Sullivan

Melissa Tatulli

Amarech Tewolde

Ashli Tiller

Margaret Ubarieke

Nayeli Valenzuela

Yellow Belt Champions

RMP Unit



Capital Program Management

Erlinda Solis


Kathy Whelan


Gerry Greenlaw


Environment, Health & Safety

Lance Scott


Jonathan Joyce


Seth Mullen


Gina Sunda


Pamela Hauser


Kimberly O’Connell


Edith Mitchell


Facilities Management

Greg Nishira


Policy & Records Administration

Jade Laidlaw


Scott Sagle


RMP Administration, Chief of Staff

Colleen Sheehan


Transportation Services

Luke Hemmingson


Ed Webb


Jim Gunn


Gonzalo Garcilazo


Jennifer Rodgers


Curt Lutz


Patty Roman


Green Belt Champions

RMP Unit




Capital Program Management

Elaine Nocito



Environment, Health & Safety

Lura Bashear



Facilities Management

Ashley Engstrom



Aaron Smith



Andra Lauren



Policy & Records Administration

Edgar Alminar



Shannon Munemura



Transportation Services

Brent Polite



LaWana Richmond



Curt Lutz



Information Technology Services

Joe File



Black Belt Champions

RMP Unit




Environment, Health & Safety

Donnamarie Smith



Facilities Management

Wendy Schiefer



Policy & Records Administration

Stasi Chase



RMP Administration, Chief of Staff

Simona Capsa



Eliud Escobedo